Tuesday, December 24, 2013

In response to Mr. Dan Krinkle

Last Saturday, I uploaded the Christmas Message this year. My parents are so proud of my speech. However, some guy by the name of Dan Krinkle (SmartGuy112233), commented me on a certain technicality. He replied:

"Mr. Timothy, I would like to first start off by saying that despite your good intentions displayed in your video, your English and sentence structure is some of the worst I have ever come across in over a decade of browsing the Internet. My parents were English teachers, and they would both crucify you if they ever saw you out on the streets. From what I can see, you're trying extremely hard to sound "intelligent" and "verbose" by unnecessarily adding these big, extravagant words which you clearly have a vague understanding of. When you do this, you come off as a very pretentious person. If you do not remove this video and any other videos of the like, I will be FORCED to contact the Modern Language Association and have them shut down your channel for butchering the English language. I would prefer that you contact me by PM so we can discuss this issue more thoroughly."
Should I respond to this issue? Am I wrong?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Week Announcement

I have a new site set up: timowparagas.wordpress.com.

This WordPress site will tackle much deadbeat serious about politics in the Philippines and television.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Solar Entertainment's Switch over Mess over

ETC is now back to Channel 21. Loyalists of ETC demanded the
channel to stay at Channel 9 for the sake of consistent reception.

WHEN I watched a plug on Channel 9 that ETC is moving back to Channel 21 on November 30, I inquired who would occupy that VHF (or mainstream) channel frequency. It is Solar News Channel. Personally, I like free information, a better competition on news and public affairs rather than to convert myself into a drama, sitcom and fashion sucker. No offense to the loyalists, or maybe, I would talk about this over.

Solar News Channel, the current tenant of Channel 9, juxtaposed between GMA Networks's two channels.

Loyalists of ETC, who have no cable TV to afford or slow Internet connection to view, made a flood of comments over their Facebook page complaining on the return to their channel frequency because of inconsistent reception: clear in the early morning, going duller in the later hours.

Some users suggest to move the transmitters in Rizal for a better altitude, or ask SBN to invest a new transmitter that power up further. Or in my case, I would have IBC 13 shut up for good because NOBODY WANTS THIS NETWORK FOR HEAVY RELIANCE ON PTV & SMNI AND REPETITIVE & COUNTERPRODUCTIVE DOCUMENTARIES, SO THAT WILL IT BE GIVEN TO ETC FOR A FAIR RECEPTION.

Pity for the ETC loyalists. So, what do you think about the Solar Entertainment's switch-over: planned or unplanned?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Response on the all-talk, no-action of GRP on Typhoon Yolanda

FIVE DAYS after the ferocity of Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), I can't imagine how these biblical proportions of such a disaster baffled within our home and the world. Take that, climate change disbelievers!

So far as I type this, the NDRRMC tallied more than 1,800 deaths and 2,600 injuries and accrued P 761 million damages.

I couldn't believe it, one day that changed the whole scene of national consciousness. Hours after the Senate hearing of Napoles came the consequences of Mother Nature in response of malversation of our funds. Remember GMA News TV's "Bayan Ko" finale? Deadly, ain't it.

Hours of the coming of the storm came the media men struggle during the loss of contact: Jorge Bandola, Atom Arraulo, Erwin Tulfo, Jiggy Manicad and Micaela Papa braved enough to survive these hours of agony.

In the aftermath, we will always say that we will rise from the ruins but the moderators of Get Real Philippines, Anti-Pinoy, Showbiz Government, Filipino Freethinkers and others are actually prolonging the agony of the victims rather than healing their wounds with their "all-talk, no-action" dogma. Not joking here. Blame them and their apologists, not yours, my dear followers.

Society of Honor's Joe America was correct about this. It goes bad and goes much intolerant than ever before! They are the real cyber bullies not advocates against bullying! No wonder they hire Jose Mario de Vega and post condemnation of neo-imperialism.

Are GRP mods patriotic? Weh! Nganga! Sana matabunan sila sa bagyo at hindi sa mga inosenteng sibilyan!

Sa mga apologists ng site na ito, wag kayong masyadong husgador! Your preoccupied judgment adds emotional pain to us.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bohol's The Big One

One of the Chocolate Hills wrecked of the earthquake yesterday.
Image courtesy of earthquake-report.com

what happened yesterday in Bohol and Cebu. The massive 7.2 earthquake ruined or damaged great treasures that are natural, religious and government.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Long Weekend Guidelines for 2014

MALACANANG released national holidays in 2014 by Proclamation 655 yesterday, signed on September 25, 2013. These holidays supersede the printing press' holiday parameters to be printed this holiday season by sponsored companies where they typically always print 10 legal holidays.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Motz Reviews: Conrado de Quiros' "No you don't."

Inspired by The Pinoy Catholic's criticism over editorial columns, I will review the perennial columnist from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Mr. Conrado de Quiros. In his yesterday's column of There's the Rub entitled "No, you don't," the content tackles about the second rally against pork barrel called "EDSA Tayo" that will be held tomorrow, September 11. Let's see if my judgment over Mr. de Quiros matches with the others.

(My reaction is written in blue while Mr. de Quiros' is in black.)

* * * * * * * * * *

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

LftW: The Filipino is worth doubting for?

Can you imagine the Php 500 bill without him?

You have seen him on a Php 500 bill, on the airport in Metro Manila and on the statue in Roxas Boulevard leading to the Manila City Hall together with his wife. Everyone knows who he is: he is Ninoy Aquino, Jr. who had been mysteriously martyred three decades ago today. Alas, instead of honoring him, netizens are now desecrating, defecating and unseating him as a hero because of numerous apologetic accusations.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Proposed telethon on Channel 4?

This post is not a hoax but a proposal. Hindi po ako si Bertrand o si Arnold Dumlao. Thank you.

Over the post I wrote about the review of the rebranding of Channel 4, I thought of expounding the proposed telethon. When my proposal gave good reviews on Facts, Info and Trivia, the materialization is where the problem goes. 

Unfortunately, ever since July 12, 2013, the Philippine Daily Inquirer published and initiated national scandal over the PHP 10 billion pork barrel scam. My proposal's aim is to flow money in to helpful non-governmental organizations (NGOs), like Gawad Kalinga, where the five-week-old scam tells that our legislators' pork barrel went to one person that created fake NGOs. I was shocked of that though, I couldn't think if this will be put into practice.

As of this post date, Luzon harnessed another blow of the southwest monsoon (habagat) that brings torrential rain after 54 weeks, it could have been realized if every Filipino netizen would concur or agree. So far, let's go into the post proper, shall we?

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Why newspaper TV guides are not reliable?

Found in both entertainment sections of the Manila Bulletin and the Philippine Star, the TV guide is considered and supposedly defined as a guide of TV shows broadcast both on free and cable television channels of the day. Nonetheless, they also feature the emphasis or a special feature of future or current airing of the programs.

However, I feel a sight of reading between the lines of programs stacked on these newspapers. But I am not a member of Spinbusters but a simple blogger with a different picture and a free voice.